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Continental J. Agricultural ScienceContinental J. Agricultural Economics Continental J. Agronomy 
Continental J. Animal and Vet ResearchContinental J. Applied SciencesContinental J. Earth Sciences
Continental J. Arts and HumanitiesContinental J. Biological SciencesContinental J. Water, Air and Soil Pollution 
Continental J. Education Research Continental J. Engineering Sciences Continental J. Veterinary Sciences
Continental J. Environmental SciencesContinental J. Biomedical SciencesContinental J. Information Technology
Cont J. Food Science and Technology Continental J. Medical ResearchContinental J. Microbiology
Continental J. Nursing ScienceContinental J. Pharmaceutical SciencesContinental J. Renewable Energy
Pharmacology & Toxicology ResContinental J. Social SciencesContinental J. Sustainable Development
Continental J. Tropical Medicine Cont J. Environ Design & Mgt Cont J. Fisheries & Aquatic Science

Wilolud Journals (WiLJ) publishes scholarly journals in wide range of academic fields, including agriculture, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, biological and medical sciences, education, economics, engineering, information technology and management. The journals deliver original peer reviewed articles from international scholars to a worldwide audience. All our journals are open access in electronic form and can be downloded online  in conjunction with their print editions.

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